Which means that my hiking boots are a staple in my year round closet, I constantly have a pocket full of agates and sea glass, and my love for Lake Superior is almost deeper than my love for my husband James and German Shepherd Mavros. 

I love to capture raw moments; messy hair and wild giggles are what it’s all about for me. So when you’re ready, I’d love to take you to a local coffee shop and gush about your vision for photos, because above all else, I love every chance I get to grab my camera and create art with you.

I’m based in Duluth, Minnesota...


Your session should be FUN, not one of those dreadful events that your partner is dragging you to! Forget those forced poses and the smile that halfway looks like your parents are forcing you to eat pickled herring, I’m here to make sure you end the night with genuine laughter and a day that is remembered as something you would DEFINITELY do again.

If you have no idea how to get that natural smile, what your best angles are, or where the HECK to put your hands, trust me, I have all the answers.

I love every chance I can get to spend the day at Lake Superior; my pockets are constantly filled with sea glass, I have a permanent agate collection bag in my purse, and I am extremely proud of my Chaco tan line.

My husband James is my best friend in the whole world. We spend all of our free time either working on house projects or entertaining our crazy German Shepherd, Mavros.

I am crazy about antique stores and thrift shopping, I love making my own cleaning and household products, and someday I would love to own my own homestead complete with chickens and a massive veggie garden.


are you ready to create something beautiful together?


I am a portrait photographer serving couples in love. I capture the instant between a moment and a memory so that you have something to look back at and hold close to your heart always and forever.